Portugal Health Passport

Portugal will never leave you.

Healthcare services for patients travelling from abroad are most commonly provided in the most reputable private hospitals in Portugal, many of which offer the following:

  • Premium facilities and equipment
  • Highly qualified professionals - internationally recognised
  • Advanced medical research centres
  • Excellent clinical performance indicators
  • Multidisciplinary clinical teams

If you require healthcare services during your stay, you may easily access high-quality urgent care for a fixed-priced in the hospitals and clinics of the three largest private health providers in Portugal - Lusíadas, CUF and Hospital da Luz.

A package of healthcare services is available for urgent care for British tourists as part of a special offer for the Brelcome campaign by Turismo de Portugal. To access the special prices, simply present your Portugal Health Passport. This boarding pass will be accepted at the reception of the urgent care departments of participating private hospitals. No appointments are required for urgent care.

If you are planning to visit Portugal for a few days you may consider five types of health check-ups available at selected hospitals for a special price.

These products require an appointment with at least 72 hours' notice. All health check-ups services may be completed in one day. Exam and clinical analysis results will be available between 2-4 days.

Portugal Health Passport

Portugal Health Passport

Plans & Pricing



  • Consultation
  • Xray
  • Clinical Analysis
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  • Consultation
  • Ultrasound
  • XRay
  • Clinical Analysis
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  • Consultation
  • ECG Stress Test
  • Clinical Analysis
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  • Consultation
  • Evaluation of visual acuity
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  • Consultation
  • Digital Dermoscopy
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  • Consultation
  • Oral Hygiene (teeth cleaning)
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Terms & Conditions

  • The client will inform the health unit of the intention to use the Health Passport prior to receiving services. The packages may not be applied after services have been provided.
  • The client will be asked to pay for services at the time of admission.
  • Items in the urgent care package which are not clinically prescribed will not be performed. The price of the packages is fixed and not adapted for services not performed.
  • Each health package offers a fixed price guarantee. Additional services may be charged if recommended and performed on the same day or on another visit to the unit.
  • Appointment requests will be prioritised.
  • The offer is valid at participating health units from Lusíadas, CUF and Hospital da Luz.
  • The client may receive or request International Patient Support at any time.
  • The client should confirm with their insurer if reimbursement is possible for the health service received or planned.
  • Note: EHIC at private hospitals: The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is only accepted by doctors or hospitals of the public health care system. Private hospitals may not apply the EHIC. If you use private health care for urgent care, you may pay for the services and submit the costs for approval for reimbursement from your home health system at the levels approved in the country. Planned care may require preauthorisation from your health system.

If you have additional questions, please email: